Frequently Asked Questions

How does the lab charge?
Answer - Charges are made based on published CPT codes. A case is charged essentially based on the type of surgery, specimen origin and diagnosis. For example, a biopsy of colon has a 88305 CPT code, a colon resection has 88307 for non-neoplastic and 88309 for neoplastic (cancer). The codes reflect the amount and complexity of work involved. Please refer to "How it works" section. In general, specimens received in separate containers are individually charged because the exact location of the specimen is crucial and they are processed separately.

When do I receive my pathlogy report?
Answer - The final report is delivered to the submitting physician and hospital or office routinely within 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours and rarely longer except in bone specimen which requires a decalcification process, cases requring special stains or studies or cases sent out to an expert for confirmation or opinion. Reports for the hospitals are generated daily including Saturday, except major holidays. A critical report is generally conveyed to the Clinicians verbally as soon as the final or preliminary report is available.

How do I get my pathology report?
Answer - Pathology reports should be interpreted by the submitting Physicians in the clinical context. The patient should consult and be informed of the results by the surgeon or physician who collects the specimen. Please contact your doctor for the results.

How can I have my slides and/or blocks sent to another lab?
Answer - The report and available material can be sent to a different institution upon request. The patient must sign a release form before we can take action. The patient or Clinician must provide the name and address of the recipient to the lab.

Can a NWAP Pathologist review my material collected and processed at another lab?
Answer - It is not an uncommon practice to have slides sent to a different lab or our lab receive outside slides for review. Please contact you doctor or lab where your original slides were made to mail them to us for review.

Who can I talk to at NWAP?
Answer - If you are a physician and need an answer, please call (479)442-0144. The Pathologist assigned to your case is available to discuss the status of the case or report. Please state the correct patient's name, identification number or date of birth if available. When the office is closed, a Pathologist on call can be reached through the hospital operator. He or she should be able to help even though it is not his or her case. If you are a patient and have a question, please call (479)442-0144 and speak to the business office or the lab. You can also email us.

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